Plume Events offers adornment and design for your most special occasions through event planning and coordination, styling, and floral design.  Our events are thoughtfully and purposefully crafted with your unique life and style in mind.  


classic in look, but not traditional in feel.

meaningfully and creatively crafted.

designed with love and with love in mind.




Amy Plant-Perdue is Plume's owner and lead coordinator and stylist.  She was  born and raised in central North Carolina.  She loves all-things vintage, thanks to her mom, who is an avid antique hunter.  She lives in a historic home, built in 1911, with her amazing husband and precious four-year-old boy in a sweet small town outside of Raleigh.


She has loved weddings and events since she was just a little girl.  Her favorite magazine has always been Martha Stewart Weddings.  In fact, even at ten years old, she was asking for the magazine for every birthday, in every Easter basket, and in every Christmas stocking.  Before Pinterest, a girl had to post-it her favorite pictures or dog-ear her favorite pages!  She still have her collection and refers to it occasionally.  She loves to see how weddings have changed in so many ways, yet how the principals of design are timeless. 




Her earliest memories of flowers and their beauty are of a huge blue hydrangea bush that grew outside her grandparents' back door on their farm.  Blue hydrangeas are still one of her favorite flowers because they remind her of her grandma and papa and the love they had for each other and for their family.  In fact, their relationship is the foundation of her beliefs about love and marriage.  Her papa was everything a husband should be;  he loved her grandma with a love Amy believes everyone deserves to find and one she loves seeing over and over again in her couples.  She is reminded of him every time she watches a wedding ceremony and hears the couple's vows.  She tries to keep love at the center of all of the weddings she helps create with our clients.  











In and just after college, she worked in a bridal shop and for a catering company, beginning her experience in the wedding world.  She officially started planning weddings after her own and after years of teaching high school English.  Teaching was wonderful practice in the quick thinking, problem solving, and organizational skills required of wedding planning.  Leaving education was the hardest decision she has ever made, but she knew it was time for me to pursue this other passion.  In 2016, she began working with flowers and added floral design to the Plume Events services.  Floral design has quickly become one of her favorite aspects of wedding design and planning.  


She is passionate about building friendships with our clients and helping them design and create a meaningful and memorable event.  She can't wait to meet you and to chat with you about all your ideas!