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Gorgeous, Easy DIY Wedding Hair.

I had THE best time with this shoot! It combined some of my absolute favorite things--fashion, beautiful flowers, sparkly jewels, and, of course, hair styling. It was so much fun to put together all the details for this shoot. I felt like a bride again when Carolina Bridal World let me pick out three stunning gowns, and the girly-girl in me could barely contain my excitement when Gemma Jewels said, "Pick out any jewelry you want!" Umm...yes, please! And on top of that, I got to work with two of the most talented (and sweetest!) vendors out there on the day of the shoot. Jenna DiPrima of DiPrima Photography took all of these gorgeous images, and Kristi Martinson of Wink Hair and Makeup made my already gorgeous models even more beautiful with her makeup artistry. I chose The Wagner House in Historic Downtown Clayton as the venue for the shoot because of its beautiful vintage details.

I really love styling hair and thought I would share some of my favorite styles and tips and tricks to make them happen with all of you! If you want to style your own hair for your wedding (or your next night out on the town!), keep reading to find out how to style four different looks for both short/medium and long hair!

Short/Medium Hair Messy Bun

Sydney has great hair for this style--short, layered, and full of texture. This look is not only easy, but it looks effortless and totally fun!

1. Curl hair using a ½”-1” Curling iron.

2. For this hairstyle, it is important to make sure you get tight curls close to your scalp.

3. Separate the curls by hand by pulling strands apart—do not run your fingers or a brush through the curls. Doing this step will keep the curls tighter and give your updo that messy, voluminous look.

4. Separate your hair into two sections by making a circle all the way around your head about 2 inches from your hairline, gathering the middle circle and leaving out the outer circle as you go.

5. Use your fingers or a comb to pull your hair straight back (be careful not to pull too tightly, so that you don't lose that wavy look), and then use a hair elastic to secure what you have gathered at the nape of your neck into a low ponytail. You can pull it to one side or secure it in the middle, depending on where you want your bun to be.

6. Secure individual strands/curls from the ponytail with bobbypins into a small bun.

7. Now you can add the curls from the outer circle by pinning them individually to the outside of the bun. Do not pull them tightly; instead, keep the curls loose.

(Tip: Depending on the thickness and texture of your hair and how well it holds curl, you may need to tease these strands a little bit or use hairspray often when arranging this top layer of curls.)

8. Your final step is to secure any loose ends or stray curls, spray hairspray one more time, and add any hairpieces or flowers!

Long Hair Loose Ponytail

This style is good for any type and almost any length hair, though I couldn't have asked for anything better than Abbey's gorgeous long locks to work with!

1. Curl hair using a 1½”-2” Curling iron.

2. Run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up some.

(Tip: Always wait for your hair to cool before you run your fingers through the curls. If your hair is still warm, the curls haven’t completely set, and you will probably loosen them too much.)

3. Put your index fingers against your head behind your ears and run them across your scalp from behind your ears up to your part, about 3 inches from your hair line, separating the hair on either side of your fingers as you go.

4. Temporarily pin the strands at your hairline to keep them out of the way, but make sure you keep the part intact.

5. Pull the rest of your hair straight back, tease it close to the scalp, and smooth it out a little on top.

6. Gather that hair into a low ponytail and secure it using a hair elastic.

(Tip: Sometimes when I put my hair in a ponytail with an elastic, it pulls the ponytail tighter than I was holding it with my hand.I don’t let that worry me because you can always pull it back out a little by pinching and pulling pieces with your fingers or lifting sections with the end of a comb or even a bobbypin.And if the ponytail ends up a little bumpy or not perfectly smooth, that’s OK! That’s the beauty of loose, messy hairstyles—they aren’t meant to be perfect!)

7. If you are going to wear a headband, like this gorgeous one from Gemma Jewels, go ahead and put it on now, and have it sit right where you created a part between the hair in the ponytail and the loose pieces in front.

8. Lightly tease the rest of your hair close to your scalp and then smooth it out a little.

9. Gather the loose hair on each side and gently and loosely twist it toward your head.

10. Pull the twists around to the ponytail (going over the sides of the headband) and cross them over top of it.

11. Wrap the strands around the hair elastic to hide it and secure the ends will bobbypins from underneath the ponytail.

13. Your final step is to hairspray it one more time, especially the strands that are wrapped around the ponytail!

Short/Medium Hair Top Knot

This style is one of my go-tos. It's great both dressed up and as an everyday look. It works well for any type and almost any length hair.

1. Curl hair using a 1½”-2” Curling iron.

2. Run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up. You don’t really need a lot of curl for this hairstyle, but it helps give your hair some texture and volume, especially if you have fine or very straight hair.

3. Tease your hair close to your scalp all the way around your hair line, and then smooth it out a little.

4. Pull your hair up into a ponytail at the crown or your head (or even a little higher, if you like).

(Tip: If I get my hair into a ponytail and realize it isn’t as high as I want it or I’d like the ponytail to be a little messier, I don’t start over again; I grab sections of hair from the top of my ponytail in each hand and pull them up and apart.That brings my ponytail up and keeps it from looking too flat and perfect.)

5. Tease the ponytail.

6. Twist the ponytail loosely. If you want a messier bun, pull at small sections of hair to loosen and separate them from the twist some.

7. Wrap the ponytail around into a bun.

(Tip: I find it works best to follow this rule—if I twist clockwise, I wrap to the right. If I twist counterclockwise, I wrap to the left.)

8. Adjust bun by pulling the end of the ponytail tighter to make the bun smaller and loosening it to make the bun bigger.

9. Once you have the bun the way you want it, tuck the end of your ponytail underneath it and secure it by bobbypinning the base of the bun all the way around.

10. Your final step is to hairspray it one more time!

Long Hair Braid with “Flower Crown”

The idea for this style came to me in the middle of the night--as all of my greatest, most creative ideas do! Flower crowns are so beautiful, but they aren't easy to make if you don't have any experience with floral design, so I came up with a way to create the same look in a less overwhelming way! With this method, you can arrange the flowers in your hair one step at a time, which means you can see how it will look right away, and you can take a piece out or rearrange it as many times as you need!

1. Curl hair using a 1½”-2” curling iron.

2. Run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up some.

3. Part your about two inches over from the center of your head.

4. French braid your hair from the part down to behind your ear, keeping the braid loose and messy. Don’t worry if you aren’t the best at French braiding—most of it will be covered by the flowers!

5. Secure the braid with bobbypins behind your ear.

6. Pull your hair over your shoulder and hairspray the braid.

7. Select flowers of different sizes and textures, and make sure you grab some greenery, too. If your flowers and greenery already have long, thin stems, you won’t need to do anything but cut individual blooms or small sections of greenery. Anything that is not long and thin enough to slide into a braid can be put on floral wire. Make sure you have some green floral wire (a medium thickness—it should be easily bent, but not too flimsy) and green floral tape.You can purchase both at your local Walmart or craft store.

8. Cut a piece of floral wire about 5 or 6” long. Wrap the wire around the end of the flower or greenery several times.Then, starting where you wrapped the wire, tightly wrap floral tape all the way down the piece of wire. Overlap the tape a little each time you circle around. When you get to the end, tear off the floral wire and pinch it; it will stick to itself. Repeat steps 5-8 for all the flowers and greenery you want to use.

9. Gather the flowers and greenery you have prepped and put on floral wire.

10. To make your flower “crown,” start with the largest flower you have. Decide where you would like the center of your crown to be and secure the flower slightly off-center by sliding the wire into your braid and bobbypinning it in place.

(Tip: Bobbypin the spot where you have attached the flower to the wire with floral tape, as the thickness and texture of the tape will give the bobbypin more to grab onto than the wire.)

11. Add a small bunch of flowers to either side of the large flower, creating the "base" of the crown that you can then add other elements to.

12. Add in additional flowers on either side of the large center flower, keeping in mind that flowers look good arranged in groupings of three. Secure them in the same way by sliding the floral wire into your braid and bobbypinning them in place.

13. Add greenery to each end of the crown.

14. You can leave your hair down and pulled to one side, or you can pull it back into a loose ponytail or messy bun!

Styling: Plume Events

Floral Design: Plume Events

Photography: DiPrima Photography

Makeup: Wink Hair and Makeup

Venue: The Wagner House

Jewels: Gemma Jewels

Gowns: Carolina Bridal World

If you love these hairstyles but decide you just can't swing DIY for your big day, check out my portfolio, and contact me about what you're looking for!

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